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Memories - Michael “ Bongo “ Schloss and Locksley “ Robbie ” Robinson performing.

Memories - Michael “Bongo“ Schloss and Locksley “Robbie” Robinson performing.

Richard Pandohie - sharing his vision for the future of Jamaica

Richard Pandohie - sharing his vision for the future of Jamaica


Calabar High School, a high school for boys in Kingston, Jamaica, was established in 1912. It is located at 61 Red Hills Road.

Calabar is considered one of the premier high schools in Jamaica.  Over the years, the school has excelled in academics and has produced several prominent scholars.

Calabar has also excelled in sports: most notably Athletics and Soccer.  The school colors are Green & Black.  The school motto is “The Utmost for the Highest."

There are presently approximately 2000 students enrolled in the school with a staff of 90 teachers.

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Calabar High School is constantly in need of material and financial support.  In recent years, the buildings have suffered severe damage from hurricanes and its infrastructure has significantly declined.

The school receives financial support from The Jamaica Baptist Union and the Government of Jamaica.  However, the school’s ability to make repairs and to purchase equipment is often limited, due to inadequate funds.

The school relies heavily on contributions from parents, friends and well wishers, and alumni organizations such as COBA ATLANTA


Currently Supporting


Support 10 full scholarships


Art supplies

Keyboard for music program

Printer for library

Donation of shoes

Direct Student Assistance

Support for needy students



current goals

  • Endowment Fund

  • Creation of Endowment Fund to support longer term needs of the school


Past Contributions

  • Computers, printers, and a copier,

  • Lab equipment,

  • Musical equipment

  • Art and school supplies,

  • Chairs for the chapel and a lawn mower,

  • Contribution towards the construction of the latest classroom block.

  • Significant annual contributions to the Student Assistant Fund. 

  • Annual financial support to the Robotics Program.

  • Financial contribution to the Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrade.

  • Scholarships covering tuition, books etc. to qualified students.

  • Support for the Saturday math tutoring program.

  • Financial support to the Basketball Program and other sports.

  • Annual shoe collection drive to provide black shoes to needy students.



COBA Atlanta Executive

COBA Atlanta organizes fundraising activities to purchase a variety of equipment to support the educational mission of the institution, and to provide funds to effect repairs to the buildings and grounds.



David Anderson - alumnus of 1974

Vice President

Paul Vaughan - alumnus of 1980


Mike Thomas - alumnus of 1965


Wayne Daley - alumnus of 1974


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